The Farm Story

The Grow Love Project documents paddock to plate stories of thoughtful growers producing healthy sustainable food, we have enjoyed being a part of such a great project. The three short clips below give you a glimpse into how Farmer Brown’s Pastured Eggs fit into the overall farm story at Gillinghall.

The property Gillinghall has been farmed by the Maurice family since 1930. Rick and Bren Maurice have four children, who along with their partners are all involved in the running of the place in some way. “Gillinghall” is a home, a business, a place to gather. For some a lifetime of work, for others the future. It is also the home of Farmer Brown’s Pastured Eggs.

On Gillinghall we are aiming to balance profitable levels of production and the long term sustainability of the farm. We believe the healthiest soils are derived from deep ground cover which comes from a diverse community of plants supported by a diverse community of soil biology.

We encourage regeneration with planned grazing of sheep and cattle and now with the introduction of the Farmer Brown’s Pastured Eggs; hens. So we have another animal species grazing, scratching and fertilising paddocks.

No Kill and pasture crops are also planted in these paddocks adding further diversity and production while promoting the regeneration of perennial grasses.

The enterprises on Gillinghall range from Farmer Brown’s Pastured Eggs, to grains (spelt, wheat and oats), oilseed, lamb, wool and beef. Our production methods are diverse but at the heart of all of them is the desire to produce high quality food and fibre, whilst maintaining soil health.