Hen Welfare

With a stocking rate of only 3 hens per hectare Farmer Brown’s happy hens at “Gillinghall” have more room to roam than most. It’s this space, access to sunshine and total freedom to express their hen-ness that leads to our best practice animal welfare standards. This infographic below shows you the difference between free range standards, and pasture raised at Gillinghall.

Hens with Dog
Feeders in Pasture
Vans with Sun

Maremma’s are a very special breed of dog, whose protective nature makes them ideal guardians of the flock. Each of our flocks of hens has a pair of Maremmas living with them allowing the hens to truly roam freely, protected from predators, with no fences or restrictions needed.

Our hens graze freely all day and put themselves to roost in their caravans by night. The caravans are moved every few days so they are always on fresh pasture.

Hens per Hectare Infogram
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