Workplace Deliveries

Farmer Brown’s offers workplace delivers to Sydney workplaces with a minimum order of 15 dozen.
For our regular retail stockists in Sydney and the Central West of NSW go to our stockists page to locate your nearest store.

Farmer Brown delivers the freshest, highest quality eggs you will find, direct from the farm to your workplace. There is no distribution centre, these eggs are literally straight from the happy hen to you.

We will hand deliver the eggs to a designated drop off point at your workplace. Fresh pastured eggs, delivered by the farmer for $8 dozen.

The first step is to set up your workplace for deliveries.

  1. To set up your workplace we ask that you collaborate with your workmate’s so we are delivering a minimum of 15 dozen / fortnight.
  2. Once the minimum order is confirmed we will set up a dedicated page on our website for your workplace.
  3. You and your colleagues will be able to subscribe to a fortnightly delivery of 1, 2 or 3 dozen farm fresh pastured eggs.
  4. Once your workplace is set up and you have subscribed we will send you a welcome email letting you know when your first delivery will arrive.
  5. You will be able to easily turn your subscription on and off if your circumstances change.

For more info or to set up your workplace for deliveries get in touch here.

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