Maremma’s are a very special breed of dog, whose protective nature makes them ideal guardians of the flock, allowing the hens to truly roam freely with no fences or restrictions. Their big smiles are also pretty good for the soul.


What makes a hen happy? The freedom to graze on open pastures, roam in the sunshine, eat insects & scratch in the soil, that makes a hen happy. It also happens to make great tasting eggs.


What makes a good egg? Dirt. It’s true good soil health, leads to good plant health and good feed, which in turn leads to good hen health, this is what makes a good egg great.


Pastured means the hens are free to roam where and whenever they like.They graze the pasture, act like hens amongst the trees, scratching in the earth and eating insects as they naturally should. They rise with the sun, express their natural “henness”, lay their eggs and return to their roost each night with no help or restriction from us.

Andrew HockeyOwner Def Chef Café, Dubbo NSW

As a local cafe/chef/owner we pride ourselves on serving our customers the best possible meal, using the best ingredients at our disposal, but with that we have a lot of pressure from the local community to use local farmers, but their product is not always up to the same standard. Farmer Browns Eggs are exceptional both in taste and consistency and I take such joy in telling customers that these eggs we use are local, fresh and second to none. Hugh Maurice, his family, chickens and guardian dogs have one very happy customer in the Def Chef Cafe.